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Consolidate events from your on premises monitoring tools into a modern, easy to use event management and analytics solution in the cloud

OpsAlerts - IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight (NOI) as a Service

OpsAlerts - IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight (NOI) as a Service empowers your IT operations to use real-time and historical analytics to identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business. Powered by IBM Tivoli® Netcool/OMNIbus and the transformative capabilities of cognitive analytics, it consolidates millions of alerts from across local, cloud and hybrid environments into a small number of actionable problems.

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  • Event management in the cloud
  • Built on IBM Bluemix
  • View Events with a real-time Event dashboard
  • Optional Integration with Service Now
  • Real-time Event Analytics
  • Event Reports powered by IBM® Cognos®
  • Integrate your alerts into a Message Catalogue

OpsAlerts Devices

View your Events at any time and on any device

OpsAlerts has a network health dashboard that will allow you to view your events either individually or in views segmented by region, network service or customer. You can also choose to add worst case key performance indicators so that your dashboards show all the key data in a single location which will in turn improve visibility and reduce MTTR.

Each event received can be linked to the Message Catalogue (a database of actions to take  to resolve the issue) and the event can be selected to be raised as an incident manually or automatically based on certain criteria such as severity. OpsAlerts has integration out of the box with Service Now and Jira but other service desks can be integrated.

Use Real-time analytics to accelerate problem Identification and Resolution

Seasonality Analytics or seasonal event identification allows you to detect events that are reoccurring regularly at a particular “hour of day”, “day of week” and “day of month”. This function works by analysing the historic event archive and looking for individual events that occur with any sort of degree of regularity.


So how does all this help?

  1. You can analyse the event history to identify seasonal events sorted by confidence level and frequency.
  2. You can drill down to show time distributions of events and investigate peaks so that you can trace the root cause of reoccurring seasonal events.
  3. You can better align thresholds to seasonal peaks which further reduces events.

The second component included in NOI is Search Analytics. This is used in 2 different ways:

Firstly from the Event list, you can right-click launch into the Event Search capability. This allows you to rapidly search all the events that are flowing through NOI, and index them and make them searchable. It also allows you to use new Search Dashboards to easily find hotspots in your environment, or to detect devices in your environment that are generating lots of alarm.


Secondly there is a step-by-step Guided Search process that takes you through various searches and views within the search capabilities to highlight common areas where you can look for efficiency gains within your environment.


  • Improve response time to IT and Network infrastructure issues by up to 95%
  • Reduce number of events presented to your operators by 75%
  • 75% less time spent performing event analysis
  • 50% reduction in repeating events
  • Reduce number of generated incidents by 50%
  • 30% improvements in MTTR to resolve Network problems


Built on Softlayer/Bluemix

SoftLayer gives you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. The Softlayer global network boasts more than 2,000Gbps of connectivity between data centers and network points of presence (PoPs). These locations each have multiple 10Gbps transit connections as well as peering links to additional service providers and access networks.

Related Event Analytics

As we all know sometimes a failure can lead to a flood of events. An example of this could be an air conditioner failing in a Data Centre which could then lead to a large number of events from systems in this Data Centre which are failing due to overheating.


OpsAlerts introduces a way to define and set this scope in the event set by setting the ScopeID of an event. IBM have added this domain expertise into packs within NOI for out of the box event relationships ( e.g. Nokia and Huawei) however the analytics engine can analyse warehoused alerts allowing you to identify the groupings and perform these actions:

  • Watch – the system will continue to gather statistics about the grouping until further notice.
  • Archive – the system will store the grouping away for later reference
  • Deploy – the system will automatically group these events together in the Event Viewer if any of the events are seen again in the future


OpsAlerts has several in-built integrations into well known monitoring tools such as Nagios, Microsoft SCOM and IBM Tivoli Monitoring. We also can integrate into Incident management systems such as Service Now and Jira so that alerts can be sent automatically to the service desk. If your service desk or moniroring system is not listed we can also develop new integrations using our extensive development toolkit.


OpsAlerts Overview small

Event Integrations

  • Nagios
  • IBM Tivoli monitoring
  • Microsoft SCOM
  • IBM Application Performance Management
  • Centreon
  • Op5
  • Solarwinds

Service Desk Integrations

  • Service Now
  • Jira
  • IBM Control Desk
  • BMC Remedy ARS

Custom Integration Options

  • SNMP
  • RESTful API
  • EIF
  • Email
  • Logfile
  • And others

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