Orb Data has for many years run a remote support service where we perform all or part of the tasks of your in-house Tivoli/Netcool support team. This service is aimed at customers who need a scheduling, discovery, or monitoring solution however don't have the manpower or will to manage the implementation. We currently cover products such as Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool/Impact, TADDM, IBM APM, IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) and Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) amongst others.

Support Options

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To offer the greatest flexibility to our customers Orb Data has split the remote support offering into 2 components: Core and Plus.

Core offers support and maintenance of the current implementation using a set of optimal procedures to manage the Netcool/Tivoli software whereas the Plus add-on offers a complete development, installation and upgrade service to help demonstrate the value of Netcool/Tivoli by extending the implementation alongside the customer’s applications, and to constantly seek improvements to the deployment.

Both of these offerings can be supplemented by adding 24 x 7 support.

Management Template

When we first started Orb Data's remote support service we identified all the activities we would need to perform to run the perfect service. This came together from over 20 years of business and the experience of several consultants and support staff. Ultimately this process created the Orb Data Management template in which we set out the optimal procedures needed not only to manage the software but also demonstrate the value of of the products, to extend the implementation alongside the customer’s applications, and to constantly seek improvements to the deployment.

The Orb Data management template provides best practice availability management, whilst interfacing with key ITIL processes for assured service delivery. We have divided the management template into 4 pillars

In the images the items in RED or part of the core service and the items in BLUE are part of the plus service.

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Advantages of the Plus Service




If new monitors/probes or reports are needed Orb Data will develop and deploy these solutions as part of the Plus service without any additional cost.

For example The BookPeople were heavily reliant on NetApp filers however didn’t have any monitoring and therefore as part of this service a new agent was created.


Its alerted us several times already allowing us to increase volumes before we run into problems.
John Ainsworth
John Ainsworth
IT Manager - The BookPeople


We will be responsible for IBM Tivoli/Netcool software upgrades. This will include:

  • Patch fixes as required
  • Point upgrades so that the main Tivoli product is no less than 2 years behind the latest major release
  • Installations required to re-architect or grow the environment as needed

Best Practices

In a well maintained environment the alerts will have been tuned over time, however if this is not the case then an initial set of recommended best practice alerts (situations) per application and Operating System will be applied to your servers. This will ensure that you will have an effective offering within a few days of the service being implemented. Also as part of the management reports we will engage with the incident management process (often as part of a Post-Incident Review process) to identify missed opportunities where monitoring could have helped detect or prevent an incident occurrence

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