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Accelerate problem resolution through rapid analysis of unstructured dataata

Log Analysis Simplified

IBM Operations Analytics - Log Analysis helps you resolve problems more efficiently with faster access to all pertinent application and infrastructure information. Quickly isolate and resolve service impacting issues by using advanced visualizations and interactive features while leveraging built-in expert knowledge.

Key benefits:

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Why IBM?

  • Licensing Model - Based on average data consumption not your worst day meaning Lower costs and plan capacity more efficiently
  • Text Analytics  - Only product in industry with advanced text analytics engine capable of extracting insights from unstructured sources like service tickets & support documents meaning it can tap sources of data other solutions cannot
  • Integration - Integration with the broader CSI portfolio will leverage metrics, configuration, events, logs, traces, and topology meaning speedier resolution time without expensive services.
  • Anomaly Detection - Anomaly detection on logs as there are built-in anomaly detection on logs without the need for costly third party products
  • Expert Advice - Out-of-the-box IBM expertise based on advanced text analytics offring unique insights based on IBM’s expertise

Log Collection Technology 

Log Analytics - Log Collection

Rapid Indexed Search

Quickly locate component error messages from all your system, configuration or software logs in one dashboard display. Integrate metric and event information in conjunction with log data to get the full view of your operations.

Log Analytics - Search Interface - small

Determine Root Cause of System Faults

Isolate issues easily across various domains including customer sessions, performance metrics, and systems warnings to address service impacting issues quickly.

 Log Analytics - Refine Results - small

Expert Advice Built In

Detect service impacting issues like a pro with expert knowledge from IBM using included Insight Packs for WebSphere Application Server and DB2. Scale your expertise with Insight Packs for your own custom applications.

Log Analytics - Expert Advice - small



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OrbData RT @OrbData: Webinar: #IBM TADDM - Discover your devices and critical resources before moving to the cloud 19/10 11:00-11:45
OrbData Webinar: #IBM TADDM - Discover your devices and critical resources before moving to the cloud 19/10 11:00-11:45


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