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Improve Customer Experience through Behaviour Analysis

Customer Behavior Analysis

Improving online customer experience is a top priority for many organizations and Tealeaf's Customer Behavior Analysis solutions is created with this goal in mind. By utilizing cxImpact and cxView in concert, companies have both the quantitative data, as well as the qualitative experience information necessary to understand customers' true experiences — information that is foundational to conducting customer behavior analysis. With CX Mobile companies can also optimize the mobile channel with capture, storage and analysis of mobile user experiences. With cxOverstat, companies can strengthen understanding of user intent through highly visual and analytic site overlays.

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Tealeaf cxImpact

IBM® Tealeaf® cxImpact transforms the rich customer experience dataset captured by the Tealeaf CX platform in real time into visually replayable and completely searchable customer sessions. cxImpact not only captures the page-by-page, browser-level recording of each customer session, but also offers one-click access to all of the supporting HTTP(S) request-and-response information for further technical analysis. With immediate visibility into your online customers and the hidden problems affecting your business, you can detect, quantify, and quickly resolve issues and sources of customer struggle.

Tealeaf cxImpact can help customers to:

Tealeaf cxOverstat

IBM® Tealeaf® cxOverstat allows companies to identify problematic hotspots, optimize page content and improve form conversion rates. Tealeaf cxOverstat, from a leader in customer experience management (CEM), is a scalable enterprise solution capable of supporting massive, high-volume sites and is an add-on product to the Tealeaf CX platform and cxImpact.

Tealeaf cxView

IBM® Tealeaf® cxView aggregates the rich, customer experience dataset of cxImpact into executive-level dashboards, scorecards and reports. In addition, cxView includes a powerful early warning system that makes use of algorithmic discovery to automatically determine your site's most important struggle sources. By directing attention to the issues that matter the most, you are empowered to take the necessary actions to optimize your website, reduce lost revenue, and recover customers. Tealeaf cxView provides customers with:

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