TEC to OMNIbus Migration

tec2omnibusIf you are a current user of the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), you are probably aware that the product is no longer marketed by IBM and that support for the product will be withdrawn completely in September 2013. The upgrade solution for TEC Server is Netcool/OMNIbus, a product with a proven heritage in the tele-communications industry, acquired by IBM through their acquisition of Micromuse. Orb Data offers a number of documents and services to help with the process of migrating to this solution:

Message Catalogue

The primary function of the Message Catalogue is to document the alerts that a system or application is capable of generating during its operation with the aim of providing the Operations Bridge and other support teams with information that will enable them to respond to incoming alerts in a timely, appropriate and consistent fashion. The Orb Data Message Catalogue can either be supplied as a VMware appliance or as a services engagement.


The VMware appliance runs on a Linux operating system and can simply be plugged into your VM VMware estate and configured. Configuration entails changing the IP address, running the integrations (depending on the products you have) and then populating the wiki with details of your events.  Population can either be done by your team or Orb Data but remember either way that any event that does not have a resolution action is probably not worth receiving in the first place.

Service Offering

Appliances are not for everybody and because of this we offer the choice of installing the Message Catalogue on your own hardware.  Once this is done we will integrate it with the tools of your choice and then either leave you to populate the details of the events your want or we can help with the process to get you started.

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