Humio: Logging at scale at a fraction of the price of Splunk & ELK

Logging everything gives organisations complete visibility to see anomalies, threats, and problems, and get to the root of what happened. However with some other logging products the cost of logging everything is prohibitively expensive. This isn’t the case with Humio.

  • Logging everything makes a huge difference in determining if a threat or breach is legitimate.
  • Logging everything reduces mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR).
  • Logging everything increases the likelihood of finding the root cause, and improves the customer or end-user experience.

This webinar, presented by Orb Data, looks at the how Humio is able to allow you to not waste time limiting or deciding which data to send to the system and at the same time save money at the same time.

Humio is purpose-built to help any organisation achieve the benefits of large-scale logging and analysis. Humio has virtually no latency even at massive ingest volumes and by using cloud-based bucket storage for all persistent data, retention is virtually infinite. Humio is also easy to deploy, and requires very little ongoing maintenance. This eliminates the need to focus on maintaining the logging platform, so teams can expand the scope of collecting, analysing, and learning from logs, which improves their security posture and reduce attack surfaces, optimise business operations, and enhance customer experiences.

In this webinar, Orb Data’s founder Simon Barnes, and one of our senior consultant Chris Coldman will discuss and demonstrate the reasons behind Humio’s ability to log everything whilst still being a fraction of the price of other products.

There will also be a Q&A with the speakers.

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2021-04-28 10:00:00




Simon Barnes & Chris Coldman



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