PMaaS – Patch Management as a Service

An integrated approach for patching laptops and desktop

Risk-Free Patch Management

Orb Data’s Patch Management as a Service (PMaaS) solution uses IBM Endpoint Manager (BigFix)—built on BigFix® technology. This offers an alternative to multiple, fragmented technologies and point solutions by offering the industry’s only single-console, a single-agent platform that addresses operations, security and compliance initiatives in real-time and globally.

BigFix allows a user to answer the following questions:

  • What’s on my network? How is it configured?
  • How do I know when a patch is needed or that it was installed properly?
  • What’s the compliance status of my endpoints? What about the ones that are roaming?
  • How quickly can I respond to a security exposure?

And to top it all, fast-moving threats, compliance audits, cost reduction pressures and distributed computing all contribute to the need to work faster and wiser.

Patch Management

Orb Data’s patch management solution is not just about the software technology used to deploy patches, it is also about having the right people and processes in place to make a solution work.

  • There are many compelling reasons to implement a comprehensive patching solution from Orb Data:
  • Known vulnerabilities of un-patched systems are targets for viruses and malicious code.
  • Unpatched systems are in breach of new and increased governance such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • There are also threats brought through modern working practices, remote workers, and interconnected sites.

Key Features

  • Patch Management for Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, Linux and other Operating Systems
  • Patch Management for applications such as Adobe, Apple and Java.
  • Comprehensive Patch Reports
  • Optional full patch management service by Orb Data operators
  • Core Tivoli Infrastructure and Agent Management

3 Steps to Successful Patch Management

Step 1

BigFix agents continually monitor an endpoint to ensure they are patch compliant.
The BigFix console displays all relevant Patches for non-compliant systems

Step 2

Operators can review, prioritise, schedule and deploy patches by right-clicking on the patch

Step 3

The agent confirms that a patch has been successfully deployed.
Real-time reporting allows you to audit and assess the patch compliance across your enterprise

How will we patch your environment?

  1. Monitor and research software vendor patch sources – Using BigFix we will monitor vendor patch sources for new content that is applicable to the operating systems and applications that form part of this service.
  2. Analyse customer’s environment for missing patches – Using BigFix Orb Data will identify all devices that are applicable targets for the operating system and application patches that form part of this service.
  3. Prioritise and schedule patch deployments – Orb Data will interact with the designated customer IT department to prioritise and schedule patch deployments. This will be done on a weekly basis.
  4. Test and certify patch for deployment – Orb Data will test and certify patches for deployment, using relevant test devices provided by the customer. The customer will provide sign-off for all patch certifications.
  5. Deploy patch according to the customer’s change management process – Orb Data will be provided access to the customer’s change management process to enable the correct deployment of patches.
  6. Confirm patch has been successfully deployed to target clients – Orb Data will provide detailed reports showing the deployment success of all certified deployment patches.
  7. Update the customer’s configuration standards – To avoid continually deploying the same patches to new builds or re-imaged devices, after a period of 3 months patches will be included in the customer’s standard images.
  8. Audit clients to ensure they are patch compliant – Using BigFix Orb Data will continually audit all devices that are part of this service for operating system and application patch compliance.

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