HCL BigFix Lifecycle

Reduce cost, risk and complexity of managing endpoints using a single agent

The convergence of IT functions that have occurred in recent years— operations groups, for example, taking ever-greater responsibility for security—requires a corresponding convergence of management tools. Without unified, simplified, and streamlined capabilities, management tasks in the distributed enterprise run the risk of becoming overwhelming in size and complexity.

BigFix® Lifecycle delivers a comprehensive and powerful approach that IT management needs today. Its single intelligent agent technology provides real-time visibility into the state of endpoints and gives administrators advanced functionality for managing those endpoints. Now, administrators have a single tool for discovering and inventorying resources, deploying operating systems (OSs), distributing software, controlling remote devices, and managing patches and other system changes.

BigFix Lifecycle provides an accurate and comprehensive “single source of truth” for managing hundreds to hundreds of thousands of endpoints from a single server. Deployed in as little as a few hours, this industry-leading solution can shorten update cycles, improve the success rates for provisioning, reduce IT and help-desk labor requirements, and boost end-user productivity.


  • Manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status
  • Combines device discovery, operating system deployment, software distribution, remote device control, server automation, and patch management
  • Reduce management and infrastructure complexity, reduce total costs, boost productivity and deliver a high Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Fixlet® messages delivered regularly by the BigFix development team, wrap the update with policy information which is read by an intelligent agent so only the relevant updates for that specific endpoint are downloaded and installed

Consolidating and simplifying management enterprise-wide

In most distributed environments, the number of devices and network complexity are on the rise, while visibility and control of endpoints is poor and service levels are a challenge to maintain. The quantity and variety of management tools steadily increase, while IT budgets and staff levels remain stagnant or are reduced.

BigFix Lifecycle can help organizations meet these challenges by simplifying and consolidating key management services enterprise-wide by:

  • Delivering unified realtime visibility into all endpoints, including desktops, laptops, servers, point-of-sale systems, ATMs and self-service kiosks
  • Scaling to hundreds of thousands of endpoints from a single management server
  • Providing a lightweight, flexible infrastructure that ensures connectivity with endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status
  • Speeding bare-metal OS provisioning and migrations
  • Reducing complexity by managing heterogeneous platforms, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS, from a single console
  • Giving users control and curbing the volume of help-desk calls through administrator- approved, user self-provisioning capabilities
  • Providing remote desktop control of servers and workstations, streamlining help-desk calls and speeding problem resolution
  • Ensuring security and compliance of all endpoints, whether on or off the enterprise network

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