IBM Trusteer

Accelerate digital growth by establishing digital identity trust

IBM® Trusteer® helps organizations seamlessly establish identity trust across the omnichannel customer journey. Through cloud-based intelligence, backed by AI and patented machine learning, Trusteer provides a holistic approach to identifying new and existing customers, without negatively impacting user experience.

To deliver digital identity trust, a solution should focus on 3 things:

  1. Establishing Trust – According to the iSMG survey, participants reported that 1 in 5 digital application abandonments occur during the new account opening process. With a trusted, frictionless customer experience, a low-risk user can simply navigate, explore and register without requiring additional verification.
  2. Sustaining Trust – The iSMG survey noted that around 1 in 3 digital application abandonments occur during user login. Sustaining trust involves a continual assessment of who a user is — building up a profile to understand the behavioural patterns of specific user. The more the user interacts, the more trust can be established. A user who has established and sustained trust can log in without a password or additional security measures.

Confirming Trust – With trust, a user can complete simple two-factor authentication (2FA) using his or her choice of identifier — a one-time password, facial ID, fingerprint, etc. — to quickly and easily rebuild or confirm a trusted relationship. Without a digital identity trust solution a user may need to resort to manual intervention.

Over 500 leading organizations rely on Trusteer to help enable and secure their customers’ digital journey and support business growth. In doing so, Trusteer runs over 40 billion application accesses monthly and over 1 billion monthly user sessions.


Why Trusteer?

  • Continuous digital identity assurance – Transparently identify unauthorized access and activities
  • Scalable and agile cloud platform – Establish cross-organizational, actionable insights via real-time assessments
  • Advanced AI and machine learning layered with intelligence services – Assess risk, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiencies and security

Trusteer Products

  • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint™ Detect – Outsmart malicious users with behavioural biometrics, AI and machine learning to build digital identity trust.
  • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Assure – Help power digital transformations by seamlessly assessing the risk of new and guest digital identities.
  • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify – Deliver adaptive authentication to build digital identity trust across the entire customer lifecycle for a more seamless digital experience.
  • IBM Trusteer Mobile – Enhance your mobile growth with real-time device risk assessment.
  • IBM Trusteer Rapport® – Detect and remediate malware and identify phishing attacks within a matter of minutes.
  • IBM Trusteer Mobile Browser – Risk-based analysis of web access and transactions from mobile devices.


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