Event Analytics and ChatOps with Netcool Operations Insight

Orb Data is currently helping customers review their options for migration to AIOps solutions. Often this is the start of a journey and customers wish to accelerate adoption of some of the AIOps features with the existing infrastructure. Amongst the many features of IBM Watson AIOps, two that could significantly benefit an existing Netcool Operations […]

Integrating IBM Process Mining with Jira

I spent a week or so recently studying for (and passing) an IBM certification for Cloud Pak for Business Automation. All the components of this product have business value however the product that interested me the most was IBM Process Mining. This product was recently acquired from an Italian company called myInvenio to enable IBM […]

Calculate your Data Centre’s Carbon Footprint

When the media discuss carbon footprints it’s often in conjunction with images of aeroplanes, traffic jams or smoking chimney stacks but very rarely do they blame IT for the world’s issues. However, the reality is very different. I was reading an article about the digital currency Ethereum and how a recent change called the Merge (where the […]

Turbonomic: A performance tool that pays for itself

I’ve been involved with Event Management and more recently AIOps products for over 30 years and in this time, I’ve written several presentations and blogs on how to secure a Return on Investment (ROI) for the software we are implementing or selling. Many of these cases rely on an understanding of the cost of an […]