Storage Solutions

Built around the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, our storage solution offers the following:

  • Control: Simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting.
  • Virtualise: Reduce downtime, add features and unify storage from over 440 storage systems to make block storage more efficient, agile and cloud-ready.
  • Accelerate: Deploy an enterprise data storage platform on-premises, on IBM Cloud or your private cloud.
  • Protect: Protect your data with multi-site replication and flexible restore capacity, and reduce your backup costs up to 53%.
  • Archive: Enable the lowest cost, reliable data storage with simplified tape access and the rapid deployment of SDS.
  • Scale: Support big data analytics and clustered applications with high-performance, scalable storage that enables global collaboration, simplifies workflows and lowers costs with cloud tiering.
  • Protect+: Simplify data recovery and access for virtual machines.

How could it benefit my organization

  • Manage data growth and prepare for the cloud with a bundled suite of software-defined storage (SDS) solutions at a predictable, cost-per-terabyte price
  • Enable rapid testing and deployment of new business solutions
  • Improve productivity and reduce errors

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