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The Remote Support service is aimed at customers who need a monitoring solution but don’t have the manpower or skills to manage the implementation. Orb Data’s Remote Support allows you to manage your servers and applications while we manage the monitoring solution for you. We can either take over the running, implementation and upgrade of your existing solution or help run the software by acting as a remote part of your existing team. And if you don’t currently have a solution we can supply it either on-premises or as a cloud solution.

We cannot fault the Orb Data Managed Service. We are seeing a reduction in the number of operational incidents which proves to the business that we were right to buy an IBM monitoring solution. Mo Jenab – Head of IT, Gulf International Bank

Who is this service suitable for?

It is aimed at customers who have bought a product like IBM Monitoring or Netcool, own the licenses and have completed an initial implementation however after implementation are finding that they need additional help maintaining the solution. This can be caused by many factors:


Other jobs
Customer’s in-house experts have other jobs


People who are trained can leave


Engaging consultants for ongoing maintenance can be expensive


Changes to systems and applications occur meaning that the IBM products are no longer configured correctly


  • Your staff can concentrate on their main roles
  • There are no concerns that your trained resource will leave or go on holiday
  • Because we are experts we can maximise the ROI of your solution
  • There are no expensive training requirements
  • Cheaper than running an equivalent service in-house

We manage systems that receive over 27 million events a month

Remote Support Options

To offer the greatest flexibility to our customers Orb Data offers 2 remote support components: Core and Plus. Core offers support and maintenance of the current implementation using a set of optimal procedures to manage the Monitoring software whereas the Plus add-on offers a complete development, installation and upgrade service to help demonstrate the value of the monitoring solution by extending the implementation alongside the customer’s applications, and to constantly seek improvements to the deployment.

What is included in the service?

When we first started Orb Data’s remote support service we identified all the activities we would need to perform to run the perfect service. This came together from over 20 years of business and the experience of several consultants and support staff. Ultimately this process created the Orb Data Management template in which we set out the optimal procedures needed not only to manage the software but also demonstrate the value of the products, to extend the implementation alongside the customer’s applications, and to constantly seek improvements to the deployment. The Orb Data management template provides best practice availability management, whilst interfacing with key ITIL processes for assured service delivery. We have divided the management template into 4 pillars.


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