IBM Watson AIOps

Give your teams a complete and accurate view into your IT incidents, right where they work. Watson AIOps synthesizes data no matter where it resides to provide you with real-time insights and recommendations. It helps you address complex IT issues quickly to minimize service disruptions and prevent outages.

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What can it do?

It is aimed at customers who have bought a product like IBM Monitoring or Netcool, own the licenses and have completed an initial implementation however after implementation are finding that they need additional help maintaining the solution. This can be caused by many factors:


Connect the dots across data
Watson AIOps ties signals across structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to provide a clear view of anomalies, with linkages to sources for faster investigation and resolution.


Find anomalies in real-time
By monitoring data in real-time, Watson AIOps is able to provide rich insight and visibility as complex problems evolve, allowing teams to more quickly diagnose and resolve mission-critical issues.


Get insights where you work
Watson AIOps delivers insights through a ChatOps experience, so alerts, recommendations, and actions are delivered to the collaboration platforms and tools that IT teams use today.


Achieve trust with AI
Watson AIOps uses traceable AI to help teams and stakeholders trust AI-powered recommendations and insights for their mission-critical workloads


Get actionable insights
Teams need more than alerts to resolve issues. Using Natural Language Processing, Watson AIOps provides clear, succinct recommendations and actions to help teams find solutions, fast.


Leverage your existing tools
Watson AIOps uses pre-trained AI models tuned by data from your existing IT monitoring tools to give your teams valuable new insights specific to their environments.

How does it work?

Watson AIOps correlates disparate data across your toolchain to derive hidden insights and help you identify incident root causes faster. Eliminating the need for multiple dashboards, insights and recommendations are fed directly into your existing workflows so you can rapidly resolve IT incidents.



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