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Event Analytics and ChatOps with Netcool Operations Insight

Orb Data is currently helping customers review their options for migration to AIOps solutions. Often this is the start of a journey and customers wish to accelerate adoption of some of the AIOps features with the existing infrastructure. Amongst the many features of IBM Watson AIOps, two that could significantly benefit an existing Netcool Operations […]

Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps: Migrating of NOI to Event Manager

Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.2 has changed the “packaging” once more, and now AI Manager and Event Manager are installed by separate operators, into separate namespaces, and require additional steps to integrate the two solutions. This provides an incremental path for existing Netcool Operation Insights (NOI) customers to migrate to the fully Cloud Native […]

Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps: Event Dashboard not working

Across several recent Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps (CP4WAIOps) installs I’ve noted a consistent issue where the Event Dashboard does not render correctly. Initially it looks like no filters have been assigned to the dashboard. Unfortunately, opening the Event Dashboard Editor highlights a similar issue where the Dashboard Layout section is blank.   The root […]