IBM Application Performance Management

Manage and optimize application and infrastructure performance

An Introduction to IBM® SmartCloud™ Application Performance Management

IBM® SmartCloud™ Application Performance Management intelligently manages traditional IT, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments. It gives you the ability to quickly determine the root cause of critical cross-platform applications while meeting demands to develop new applications and modify existing ones. You gain the visibility, control and automation you need to manage today’s more complex and interdependent applications throughout your enterprise.

IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management provides:


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Attain Peak Application Performance

Modern business requires modern IT. Business services such as online loan processing, retail e-commerce, management of digital patient healthcare records and automated manufacturing lines need the right applications and infrastructures to make them possible. As businesses deploy new applications—whether to support internal processes or to provide revenue-generating services—their underlying IT infrastructures grow and become more complex. With the continuous introduction of new services and an ever-expanding network to support those services, the complexity of the IT infrastructure increases. IT now needs to manage legacy and modern applications on heterogeneous platforms, handle the complexity of composite applications and transactions, and support the move to increasingly dynamic infrastructures such as highly virtualized and cloud environments. Knowing what’s going on inside these complex environments can be a huge challenge and requires moving beyond basic resource monitoring to holistic application performance management.

IBM SmartCloud™ Application Performance Management is designed to intelligently manage traditional IT, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments. IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management delivers holistic visibility and management capabilities to address needs that range from critical applications management to underlying heterogeneous application infrastructure management. This single offering addresses today’s challenges in managing a broad array of application and IT infrastructures, including service-oriented architecture and cloud environments, e-commerce platforms, packaged applications such as SAP, and custom J2EE applications, to name a few. IBM provides end-to-end management across all major platforms spanned by today’s critical applications, including x86/Microsoft, AIX®/Linux and mainframe environments.


End-user experience management


Transaction tracking




Diagnostics and Discovery

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