Configuring Process Control

Process Control executes external procedures specified in automations and manages local and remote processes such as ObjectServers, probes and gateways. The scripts can be installed on UNIX based platforms to allow the process agent to start automatically when the system boots.

To configure Process control for your system; navigate to the directory $NCHOME/omnibus/install/startup

This directory contains the install scripts; each depending on your current operating system:

  • aix5install
  • hpux11install
  • solaris2install
  • linux2x86install

The scripts should be run as the root user. This example shows the script setup for a Linux based system.

  • The permissions of the scripts need to be modified to make them executable:

chmod 755 linux2x86install

  • Run the install script:


  • Set a different name for the process agent if required (Alternative shown in italics):

Name of the Process Agent Daemon [NCO_PA] ORB_PA

  • If you require the Process Agent to run in secure mode accept the default response: (Secure mode controls authentication of connection requests.)

Should <pa_name> run in secure mode (y/n)? [y]

  • Enter the value for the NETCOOL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable: (The value points to the local Flex License Server.)

Enter value for environment variable NETCOOL_LICENSE_FILE [ 27000@localhost>]:

When the initial setup is complete, the script copies the start-up script nco to /etc/rc.d/init.d/nco, K65nco to /etc/rc.d/rc1.d/K65nco and S81nco to /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S81nco

On Linux, start-up run levels require editing. This is done using the Chkconfig command.

# chkconfig 2345 90 10
# description: run levels for startup

chkconfig --add nco

chkconfig -list |grep nco

For a Linux system, PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) is the only authentication method for running the process control agent.


# PAM Configuration for the Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServer.
auth required /opt/Netcool/omnibus/platform/linux2x86/module/pam/

account required /opt/Netcool/omnibus/platform/linux2x86/module/pam/

password required /opt/Netcool/omnibus/platform/linux2x86/module/pam/

cp passwd netcool

Sec.UsePam: TRUE

Rebooting the system will provide a good test for the process agent and ObjectServer services running at start-up.

<user time info>... /opt/Netcool/omnibus/platform/
linux2x86/bin/nco_pad -name nco_pa -authenticate PAM

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