How can I move the logfile for the TEP Java web start client?

The Java Web Start version of the TEP Client was first introducded as a plug-in for ITM 6.1. That version of the client has the annoying characteristic of placing the log file, kcjras1.log, on the Windows desktop. This can be changed centrally from the TEP Server as follows:

  1. Open the file <itm_install_path>CNB ep.jnlp in a text editor
  2. Locate the line for the including property name=”kjr.trace.file”
  3. Update the value of this property to move the file out of the desktop directory. This must be done using a relative path, for example:


<property name="kjr.trace.file" value="kcjras1.log"/>


<property name="kjr.trace.file" value="..kcjras1.log"/>

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