How can I remotely login to the TEPS through a firewall?

If you need to remotely login to the TEPS through a firewall, either via the TEP java client or a browser, then you will need to make a configuration change to the TEPS.

When you logon to the TEPS you will establish TCP connections on ports 1920 and 15001. If you are on a remote network passing through a firewall then you need to add Proxy entries to the TEPS interface definitions.

This can simply be done by configuring the TEPS interface settings as follows:

  1. Locally on the TEPS open
  2. Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services

Then select the following menu options:

  1. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
  2. Advanced
  3. Configure TEPS Interfaces…

Within the TEPS Interface Definitions add the TEPS external IP address to the Proxy Host, and port 15001 to the Proxy Port.

Once this is done then access via a remote network should work fine.

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