IBM Tivoli Monitoring Agent Codes

What are the IBM Tivoli Monitoring codes for each agent?

3z Monitoring Agent for Active Directory
a2 AF/Remote Alert Adapter
a4 Monitoring Agent for i5/OS
ah System Automation for z/OS
am OMEGACENTER Gateway MVS Alert Adapter
au CA-Unicenter Alert Emitter
ax IBM Tivoli Monitoring Shared Libraries
bb RAS1 programming building blocks
bc ITCAM System Edition for WebSphere DataPower
bl CASP Directory Server Monitoring Agent
br CASP Exchange Connector Monitoring Agent
bs Basic Services
c3 IBM Tivoli Monitoring for CICS
cf TEMS Configurator
cg IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Cryptographic Coprocessors
ci IBM Tivoli Monitoring Product Installer
cicatrsq IBM Tivoli Monitoring SQL Files
cienv IBM Tivoli Monitoring Product Installer
cj Tivoli Enterprise Portal Desktop Client
co Command and Control
cp IBM Tivoli Monitoring for CICS
cq Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
cu ICU globalization support
cw Tivoli Enterprise Portal Browser Client
cz IBM Tivoli Monitoring CommandPro
d3 IBM Tivoli Monitoring for DB2
d4 ITCAM for SOA
d5 OMEGAMON XE for PE and PM on z/OS
dc distributed communications
dd Distributed Database common code
de distributed communications transport protocol
dh Internet http server
do IBM Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS
dp OMEGAMON XE for DB2 PE and PM on z/OS
ds Tivoli Enterprise Management Server
dy remote deploy (os agent only)
e3 R/3 Clients (for ETEWatch) Monitoring Agent
e4 Siemens APOGEE Agent
e5 OSIsoft PI Agent
e6 Johnson Controls Metasys Agent
e7 APC InfraStruXure Agent
e8 Eaton Power Xpert Agent
e9 Active Energy Manager Agent
ea Internet Monitoring Agent
el Lotus Notes Clients (for ETEWatch) Monitoring Agent
em Event manager
en SNMP Gateway on Windows NT
er Management Agent for Tivoli Enterprise Console Gateway
es EIF to WS-Notification Converter
et End-to-End
eu Custom Clients (for ETEWatch) Monitoring Agent
ew Web Browsers (for ETEWatch) Monitoring Agent
ex Monitoring Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server
ez OMA for eBA Solutions
fn Monitoring Agent for Tivoli Management Framework
fw Windows NT Tivoli Enterprise Portal
ga SNMP Gateway on AIX
gb IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Domino
gl general library
gr Graphics and Sound Library for TEP
gs IBM GSKit Security Interface
hc HMC Alert Adapter
hd Warehouse Proxy
hi HP OpenView IT/Operations Alert Adapter
hl OMEGAMON z/OS Management Console
ho HP OpenView NNM Alert Adapter
ht Monitoring Agent for Web Servers
i5 OMEGAMON XE for IMS on z/OS
ic WebSphere InterChange Server Monitoring Agent
ie WebSphere InterChange Server Data Source
ih OpenView ITO Alert Emitter
ip OMEGAMON XE for IMS on z/OS
is IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Internet Service Monitoring
it TEC GUI Integration
iv IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server Extensions Update
iw IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server Extensions
jr Tivoli Enterprise-supplied JRE
ju Monitoring Agent for JMX JSR-77
ka Monitoring Agent for Tivoli Enterprise Console
kf IBM Eclipse Help Server
kt ITCAM for Response Time Enabler on z/OS
la IBM Tivoli LAP tool
ln Lotus Notes Monitoring Agent
lo Monitoring Agent for NetcoolOMNIbus Logfiles
lv ITMS:Engine
lx POSIX pthread mapping service (CT/Engine)
lz Monitoring Agent for Linux OS
m3 IBM Tivoli Monitoring for OS/390
m6 ITCAM Agent for WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition
ma Remedy ARS Alert Adapter
mc WebSphere MQ Configuration Agent
md PQEdit
mq WebSphere MQ Monitoring Agent
ms Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server
n3 OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks
na IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS Enterprise Management Agent
nd Monitoring Agent for Tivoli NetView Server
no Tivoli Omnibus ObjectServer Agent
np IBM Tivoli Network Manager
nt Monitoring Agent for Windows OS
nv NetView/AIX Alert Adapter
nw Novell NetWare Monitoring Agent
oe CCC for OS/390 Unix System Services
on OMEGAMON II for Mainframe Network
oq Monitoring Agent for Microsoft SQL Server
or Monitoring Agent for Oracle
os IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Sysplex
ox Informix Monitoring Agent
oy Monitoring Agent for Sybase Server
p5 Base Monitoring Agent for AIX
p8 ITCAM Agent for PeopleSoft Enterprise Application Domain
p9 ITCAM Agent for PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Scheduler
pa Performance Analytics for TEP
pc DEC Polycenter Alert Adapter
pe Monitoring Agent for Provisioning
ph Base Monitoring Agent for HMC
pk Base Monitoring Agent for CEC
pl CandleLight Workstation
ps PeopleSoft Monitoring Agent
pt Peregrine ServiceCenter Alert Adapter
pv Base Monitoring Agent for VIOS
px Premium Monitoring Agent for AIX
q5 Monitoring Agent for Microsoft Cluster Server
q7 Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Agent
qa Monitoring for Microsoft Applications
qd IBM Tivoli Monitoring for IBM Director
qf Monitoring Agent for Microsoft .NET Framework
qi WebSphere Message Broker Monitoring Agent
qr Monitoring Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server
qv Monitoring Agent for VMware ESX
qx Monitoring Agent for Citrix Access Suite
r2 Agentless Monitoring for Windows Operating Systems
r3 Agentless Monitoring for AIX Operating Systems
r4 Agentless Monitoring for Linux Operating Systems
r5 Agentless Monitoring for HP-UX Operating Systems
r6 Agentless Monitoring for Solaris Operating Systems
r9 Business System Manager Common Agent
rc IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Rational Applications
rg IBM Tivoli Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm
rj IBM Tivoli Allocation Optimizer for z/OS
rk IBM Tivoli Automated Tape Allocation Manager
rn IBM Tivoli Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS
rv IBM Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS
rw IBM Tivoli Tape Optimizer
rz ITCAM Extended Agent for Oracle Database
s2 OS/2 Monitoring Agent
s3 IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Storage on z/OS
sa Monitoring Agent for mySAP
sb shared probes
sd Status Data Manager
sh Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring SOAP Server
sj Best Practices for WebSphere
sk Reporting Agent for Tivoli Storage Manager
sp SNMP Alert Adapter
sr IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor
ss Windows NT SNA Server Monitoring Agent
sy Summarization and Pruning Agent
t1 ITCAM File Transfer Enablement
t2 ITCAM for Response Time Tracking TEMA
t3 ITCAM Application Management Console (AMC)
t4 ITCAM for Client Response Time (CRT) Agent
t5 ITCAM for Web Response Time (WRT) Agent
t6 ITCAM for Robotic Response Time (RRT) Agent
th ITCAM for MQ Tracking
tl Omegamon XE for Message Transaction Tracker
tm Monitoring Agent for IBM Tivoli Monitoring 5.x Endpoint
tn Unicenter TNG Alert Emitter
to ITCAM Transaction Reporter
tr NetView Alert Emitter
tu ITCAM Transaction Collector
tv Tivoli Enterprise Console Alert Adapter
tx Tuxedo Monitoring Agent
ua CA-Unicenter Alert Adapter
ub IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Applications: Siebel Agent
ud Monitoring Agent for DB2
ue Tivoli Enterprise Services User Interface Extensions
uf Universal Agent Framework
ui Tivoli Enterprise Services User Interface
uj Unison Maestro Alert Adapter
ul Monitoring Agent for UNIX Logs
um Universal Agent
ur Unison RoadRuner Alert Adapter
ut Unicenter TNG Alert Adapter
ux Monitoring Agent for UNIX OS
va Premium Monitoring Agent for VIOS
vi HP OpenView Alert Emitter
vl OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux
vm IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Servers
vt Tivoli Enterprise Console Alert Emitter
vw NetView for z/OS Agent Support
we WebSphere Application Server Monitoring Agent
wj IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager Common Components
wl BEA Weblogic Server Monitoring Agent
wo IBM Tivoli Monitoring for OMEGAVIEW II for the Enterprise
ww WebSphere Application Server on OS/390
yb IBM Tivoli Information Management for z/OS
yj Monitoring Agent for J2EE
yn Monitoring Agent for WebSphere

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