Impact 6.1. Enabling policy line numbers and other useful tools in the Impact 6.1 GUI

With the introduction of Netcool/Impact 5.1.1 useful features such as visible line numbers in the policy editor and automatated saving of policies during editing where introduced.

Now with the introduction of Impact 6.1 with it’s fresh look and feel based on Tivoli Integrated Portal, these features seem to have disappeared..

This tip describes how to find and enable these features in the Impact 6.1 GUI.

Within Impact 5.1.1 features such as visible line numbers were easily enabled through check boxes in the Policy Editor, not so in Impact 6.1!


 The following procedure describes how to enable additional features within Impact 6.1:

    1.  Login to TIP as a user with rights to edit Impact resources (either impactFullAccessUser or impactAdminUser role)
    2. From the TIP navigator tree select options [System Configuration] –> [Event Automation] –> [Policies]

    3. Select an Impact project which contains policy files. If you don’t have a custom project to choose select the ‘Global’ project
    4. Double-click one of the policies listed in the Policy Editor page to open it for editing. By default line nubers are not shown in the policy editor panel
    5. Using the button at the top left hand side of the policies page, select the [Edit options] and then [Personalize]

      Impact61-line-numbers 1

    6. A configuration page will open showing addional policy management options including Show line numbers and enable Auto-save.

    7. Select ‘Show line numbers’ and then select [Save]

      Impact61-line-numbers 3

    8. Line numbers are now visible on the left hand side of the policy you opened earlier

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