TBSM v6.1 Install Error

During a recent TBSM v6.1 install I had a strange issue that resulted in a generic “install failed” error directing me to check the logs.zip file. There are many different logs and files contained within logs.zip, in this case the key one was named “DeploymentPlan.log” located in the directory “logs[INSTALL_1212_11.05]”. The entries of interest were:

2011-12-12 11:15:48.940 : Failed:    Deployment Step: step_00002_InstallOMNIbusFP
1602: Error executing step: An error was encountered running step InstallOMNIbusFP

i.e. the Installation of the OMNIbus Fixpack had failed.

I tried a manual install of the Fixpack to further diagnose the problem, which resulted in the error:

Deployment Engine Failed to initialize
ACUINI0086I Deployment Engine can not be installed because the current system host name, TBSM61, does not match the recorded hostname, centos5.5. Please run DeplymentEngine command:
/usr/ibm/common/acsi/bin/de_chghostname.sh to update Deployment Engine with the current host name and retry the installation.
The install will now shutdown. Please check with the log files for a more complete description of the failure.


It was the location of the suggested script that was the give away here…I was installing as the user tbsm61 and hence the deployment engine should be installed in the user’s home directory. The path listed indicated an installation by the root user.

The deployment engine instance in the path “/usr/ibm/common/acsi” was from a previous life of the VMWare session I was using. Deleting the path and content, with the command “rm –fR /usr/ibm/common/acsi” (run as the root user), resolved the issue 🙂

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