PMaaS – Patch Management as a Service

How does it work

Leveraging BigFix technology, known for its industry leading Patch capability and ability to reduce patch cycles to minutes with a 99% first-pass success rate, PMaaS is an automated, simplified patching process that is administered via a Managed Service.

The solution quickly deploys, provisions and patches operating systems and third-party software with high first-pass success rates. Provides continuous policy enforcement and reporting (PCI-DSS).

How could it benefit my organization

  • By Ensuring a reliable and consistent service, delivered within prescribed SLA’s provided when resources are on.
  • By Allowing internal IT resources to focus on delivering initiatives that directly relate to business value.
  • By Providing continuous monitoring, patching, and enforcement of security policies across endpoints
  • By Keeping remote servers and internet-facing endpoints updated, secure, and always properly configured

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