IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM)

Utilising IBM’s TADDM, Application and Device Discovery offers a toolset that provides the ability to effectively discovers critical resources.

How it Works

By Performing agentless discovery & storage of information on applications and their dependencies.
It Provides a clear view of interdependencies between servers, applications, network devices, software, configuration files, operating systems and other IT infrastructure components

How could it benefit my organization

  • Interoperates seamlessly with business operations tools. Rapidly isolate configuration- related application problems & speed troubleshooting.
  • Helps understand change and control its effects throughout the infrastructure.
  • Creates a shared topological view of applications for use by other management applications such as incident management, monitoring and provisioning tools.
  • Discover devices dependencies before moving to the Cloud
  • Easy deployment now available through IBM BigFix

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