How do I find the ITM Depot Location?

The ITM v6.x depots are located and maintained independently on the Hub and Remote TEMS and contain agent code for remote distribution.

The default location of the depot is:

  • Windows: %ITMHOME%CMSDepot
  • Linux and UNIX: $ITMHOME/tables/hub_tems_name/depot

The TEMS environment variable DEPOTHOME can be used to change the default location of the depot. This variable is defined within the relevant platform environment file:

  • Windows: %$ITMHOME$/CMS/kbbenv
  • Linux and UNIX: $ITMHOME/config/ms.ini

The basic depot commands are:

  • List the agent bundles within a specified source directory (where the *.dsc files are located): tacmd listbundles -i <source_directory>
  • Copy the agent bundles from the specified source directory: tacmd addbundles -i <source_directory>
  • View the contents of the depot: tacmd viewdepot

To initiate a remote deployment of the agents, use the following commands:

  • OS Agent deployment: tacmd createnode
  • non-OS Agent: tacmd addsystem

Alternatively the application (non-OS) agents can be deployed from the TEP Client. An OS Agent must be installed on the target system before an application agent can be deployed.

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