How to monitor network traffic with SNMP and Universal Agent

Both are text field and therefore you can’t show them in graphs. The reason is that both number can be higher than the ITM can handle (and high numbers would be shown as negative).

A solution is to edit the MDL file and create another fields that are more useful and gives lower numbers.

If the original mdl file is in compackted binary format use the “kumpcon unpack” ( or um_console and unpack command on Linux/Unix) to unpack it to a .txt file.

Edit the file and add the following lines:

BitsPerSec C 2147483647 @Bandwidth in bits per second. This is ifSpeed.
BytesPerSec (BitsPerSec / 8) @Bandwidth in bytes.
InDataRate ? 2147483647 @Rate of bytes per second. The value of ifInOctets as the delta per second between samples.
-InBandwidth (InDataRate % BytesPerSec) Scale{2} Precision{12} @Holder for value does not show in TEP.
InBandwidthUsage (InBandwidth / 100) Scale{2} Precision{5} @The percentage of inbound bandwidth utilization.

Add the last three lines also as Out… with the respective OID (ending with 16 instead of 10).

Then the easiest way to rename the original mdl file and rename the txt to mdl. And restart the Universal Agent.

After restart the UA will query the SNMP devices by the new mdl file and the new field will appear on the result. Now it’s possible to create graph based on the InDataRate and OutDataRate fields

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