IBM Endpoint Manager Android Mobile Client Installation

To install the IBM Endpoint Manager mobile client on your Android, use the following steps:

1. Click on the ‘Play Store’ icon on your phone.

2. From within the ‘Play Store’ search for “IBM Endpoint” and “IBM Mobile Client” will be listed.

3. Once you have found this – click the ‘Install’ button and click ‘Accept’ for the security dialog.

mdm_android_1               mdm_android_2

4. After the application is installed, Click ‘Open’ and IBM Mobile Client will need device administrator. Click ‘Activate’ on the following screen.


5. This will automatically open the ‘IBM Mobile Client’ and display a disclaimer as below, click ‘Accept’ in this screen.


6. Enter the Enrolment URL that you have been sent and tap “Enroll”.


7. Enter the email address and password you have been given and click “Enroll”.

mdm_android_6               mdm_android_7

8. The next screen will show the status of the agent. Note the “Last Successful report” field will be updated once phone is logged in successfully.

mdm_android_8               mdm_android_9

9. Note: The Following is only required if you have a Samsung Android phone.
You will see a prompt to install an Extension for Samsung as below:


Click on ‘1. Install from Google Play’
This will then re-direct you to the Google Play Store, click ‘Install’ and ‘Accept’ as below:

mdm_android_11              mdm_android_12

Once this is complete, open the ‘IBM Mobile Client’ and click ‘2 .Enable Device Administrator’ and ‘Activate’ as below:

mdm_android_13              mdm_android_14

After activating, click ‘Back’ button on your Android phone and you will be redirected to the IBM Mobile Client as below:


Click on the ‘Overview’ button and you will be redirected to the status page as shown below:



You can also view a video that takes you through the installation and enrollment of the IBM Endpoint Manager – Mobile Client on an Android device. Click here to view.




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