IBM Endpoint Manager iOS Mobile Client Installation

To install the mobile client on your iPhone, use the following steps:

1. Click on the App Store icon on your phone.

2. From within the App Store search for “IBM Endpoint”.

3. Once you have found this – click the “Free” button, enter your iTunes password and install. After the application is installed it will need to be configured.

4. Click the new Mobile Client icon.

5. At the first prompt chose OK to enable “Mobile Client” to send push notifications.

6. Enter the Server URL that you have been sent and tap “Start”.


7. Enter the user name and password you have been given and click “Done”.


8. At “Install Profile” – Click “Install”.



N.B.: You may see a ‘Not Verified’ status on the profile at this point. You can refer to our blog which goes through the reasons behind this and the steps on how to resolve this issue.

9. Click “Install Now” at the “Installing Profile” screen.


10. And “Install” at the “Warning” screen.


11. You should then be prompted for your iPhone PIN number (if you have set one).


12. The profile will be generated and installed and your phone will cycle through the process as seen below. At the “Profile Installed” screen – click ‘Done’.


13. You will now be redirected to the Enrollment page on the web browser. Click ‘Return to the app’ at this point.


14. Open the “Mobile Client” again, and you should see connection details under the “Info” tab, this concludes the process.



You can also view a video that takes you through the installation and enrollment of the IBM Endpoint Manager – Mobile Client on an iOS device. Click here to view.




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