The TADDM administrator has expired

If your administrator login expires and you have no other administrative login that can reset the password you will need to do the following steps. Login to the Primary Storage Server Edit the userdata.xml file. This will be found in $TADDM_HOME/etc e.g. /opt/IBM/taddm/dist/etc Find the username in the file <PersistentUser>        <username>administrator</username>        <sessionTimeout>240</sessionTimeout>        <password>vPLoLBv6LhQPIYV+Eb5pSg==</password>        <passwordExpiry>2050/8/16</passwordExpiry>        <numInvalidLogins>0</numInvalidLogins>        […]

Setting up PowerShell discoveries with TADDM

With the release of TADDM came the ability to perform Windows discoveries with PowerShell instead of WMI. In comparison with WMI a PowerShell session sends fewer requests to access target systems, which in turn reduces the number of events that are logged. In addition if you use SSL it should also be more secure. […]