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AIX Security Configuration Audit – Remediate Security Failures

Following on from my previous blog on how to quickly perform a AIX security configuration audit, I thought I would take a look at how to remediate some of the security failures that the audit detected. The remediation will be done using the IBM Endpoint Manager Security Configuration Module. So if we use the same […]

AIX Security Configuration Audit – “I need a compliance report ASAP!”

How often does your IT Security team ask you to run a “quick” security compliance audit on your AIX server infrastructure? If you are going to do this manually for a significant number of servers this would require a significant amount of manpower and a considerable amount of time to complete. Wouldn’t it be nice […]

Can IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) help me become compliant with the Payments Cards Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)?

Over the last few months a lot of customers seem to be asking me the same question, “Can IBM Endpoint Manager help me become PCI compliant? Well, the answer is not a straight yes or no, but it can help you maintain compliance to significant parts of the PCI DSS standard. What is PCI compliance? […]