IBM Watson AIOps, Event Manager and Netcool Operations Insights

Whilst writing my blog How can Topology Manager enhance your Netcool Deployment? the dynamic naming and packaging of some IBM solutions became apparent and the potential confusion that such dynamic naming can cause. Within the context of Topology Manager should we refer to Netcool OMNIbus, Netcool Operations Insight, Event Manager or Watson AIOPs Event Manager?

Netcool licencing has continually morphed since the IBM purchase of Micromuse with significant development enhancing the point solutions. The initial, individually licenced products of Netcool/OMNIbus, Web GUI and Impact, became a combined Netcool licence including Tivoli Common Reporting, before capabilities were further expanded with the release of Netcool Operations Insight.

Initially, Netcool Operations Insight included the previously mentioned Netcool and reporting products, with extensions to enable Event Analytics and a limited Log Analysis licence designed for short-term event analysis.

As of v1.6 of Netcool Operations Insight, the solution may include Agile Service Manager (ASM) and Runbook Automation (RBA). ASM is a topology visualisation tool and RBA enables automated fixing of issues. NOI v1.6 can be installed either on classic infrastructure or within a Red Hat OpenShift Cluster, the latter delivering significant Event Analytics benefits and a new Cloud Native UI.

So how does Watson AIOps fit into the story? AIOps is a relatively recent, broad term, for solutions delivering AI to streamline the IT operational processes. That AI can deliver benefits at one or more level within the solution, as is the case with IBM Waston AIOps. IBM Watson AIOps integrates several existing and new AI capabilities, to deliver a single solution that facilitates predicting, communicating, and resolving events before they become serious problems. The underlying capabilities are:

  • IBM Watson AIOps AI Manager: A new capability to collate IT asset, event and topology data to pin-point issues and notify the relevant team
  • IBM Watson AIOps Metric Manager: IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights, consumes time-based metric data to generating events where data diverges from modelled ranges
  • IBM Watson AIOps Event Manager & Topology (IBM Netcool Operations Insight, including IBM Netcool Agile Service Manager): Delivering event management, analytics and topology visualisation, as discussed above

IBM Watson AIOps and NOI relationship

Note that this information is based on packaging for Netcool Operations Insight v1.6.3 and IBM Watson AIOps v2.1. The rapid developments within IBM Watson AIOps will no doubt change and enhance the landscape in the near future.

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